Maneblusser City

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No standard closed meeting rooms, but the new urban style of meeting? Then rent Maneblusser City privately during, before or after opening hours, or even on closing days.

You meet in demarcated rooms equipped with presentation screens for up to 40 people. Larger events with presentation on different screens? The capacity goes up to 300 people. Nice weather? Sun on the terrace. Formulas for breakfast, lunch or dinner are available as you prefer.

You will find Maneblusser City on the outskirts of Mechelen in the Malinas shopping park. Easily accessible by bicycle, car or coach - and with ample parking for every type of vehicle.

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Meeting rooms

General information

Number of rooms: 7

Max. number of people in largest room: 300

Max. number of people for catering (seated): 180        

Max. number of people for receptions: 300





Maneblusser City


T +32 15 15 13 97 




Nora Tilleylaan 28, 2800 Mechelen

Distance to Grote Markt : 2,5 km