Parcoplus deer farm

There is nothing ordinary about a deer farm when you think of it. How come people start to breed these animals, who used to roam the forests and fields? And did you know that there are white and red deer?

The deer farmer will answer all of these – and many other – questions.

He has also partnered with a caterer to offer you a tasting platter of venison, consisting of three appetisers: a mini burger and mini chipolata with Provençal sauce, a venison goulash and a venison tenderloin with a creamy herb sauce, mange-tout and carrots. All served with fries or bread. Enjoy!

General information

Minimum number of people: 12

Maximum number of people: 60

Duration of activity 

Over 2 hrs


T  +32 3 880 76 25 


Grote Heide 31 , 2811 Leest