Nekkerhal - Nekkerbox

Looking for an out of the box experience? Then choose Nekkerhal and be inspired by the Nekkerbox, a new venue for presentations for 100 people or more, conferences with up to 1,000 participants or company events with 2,000 guests.

You can easily get to Nekkerhal and there are 1,500 parking spaces in front of the door. Choose a unique setting and a creative approach to all of your events.

Meeting rooms

General information

Number of rooms: 3

Max. number of people in largest room: 2000

Max. number of people for catering (seated): 800       

Max. number of people for receptions: 2000

No closing period.




Tabel Vergaderzalen Nekkerbox


T +32 15 55 10 01


Plattebeekstraat 1, 2800 Mechelen

Afstand tot de Grote Markt: 2 km