De Nekker

Are you interested in organising a meeting or a teambuilding sessions which is easy to get to, where you can park your car without hassle in a venue that can accommodate up to 250 guests?

Or do you want to organise a brainstorming session in inspiring and stimulating green surroundings, which break through the traditional thinking patterns?

Come to De Nekker. Practice some fun sports with colleagues and build close relationships during a day-long teambuilding sessions. Check out what we have to offer now.


Meeting rooms

General information

Number of rooms: 4

Max. number of people in largest room: 150

Max. number of people for catering (seated): 200       

Max. number of people for receptions: 150

Closing period: Christmas holiday





Tabel vergaderzalen De Nekker


T +32 15 55 70 05


Nekkerspoel-Borcht 19, 2800 Mechelen

Afstand tot de Grote Markt: 2km