De Gouden Kooi – Escape Game

De Gouden Kooi offers your company the opportunity to combine various corporate activities with a thrilling escape game.

You are locked into a mysterious room for 60 minutes along with your colleagues. To get out you must solve a series of intriguing puzzles, using your ingenuity and working with your colleagues.

A breath-taking and inventive teambuilding.


General information

Minimum number of people: 2

Maximum number of people: 36

Languages spoken: Dutch, French and English

Limited access for wheelchair-users  

Duration of activity 

Between 1 and 2 hrs

Closing day:  Monday

Possible: morning, afternoon and evening    


T +32 15 67 68 67


Gerechtstraat 10, 2800 Mechelen

Distance to Grote Markt: 0.5 km