Day package Fort van Duffel - Roosendael

In the morning, you will be welcomed in the Fort of Duffel or the “Railway fort”, which was built in 1886. A guide will take you on a tour through the fort’s history, which was part of a ring of several forts around Antwerp, including the forts in Walem, Sint-Katelijne-Waver and Lier.

At lunch, Brasserie De Krone (in the fort) will serve you a delicious soup and a main course, after which you can visit the 800-year old Domein Roosendael estate.

Your guided walk starts at the monumental gate. End the day with a drink in the pub on the estate.


General information

Minimum number of people: 20

Maximum number of people: unlimited

Languages spoken: Dutch , French , English 

Duration of activity 

Over 2 hrs


T +32 15 29 41 30 


Rozendaal , 2860 Sint-Katelijne-Waver