Casco Phil

What do an orchestra and your company have in common? Much more than you think!

Caso Phil has developed a unique concept, together with ImproveMent and Antenno, which reveals the similarities between a company and an orchestra in the most amazing way. Each topic is introduced and put into (musical) practice.

Even if you don’t know much about music, you’ll be astounded at how similar conducting an orchestra is to running a company.

You can select this experience as an individual teambuilding event or as part of a larger inspiration event within your organisation, customer or partner event, conference or seminar.

General information

Minimum number of people: 10

Maximum number of people: 150

Languages spoken: Dutch, French and English  

Duration of activity 

Between 1 and 2 hrs

No closing period

Possible: morning, afternoon and evening    


+32 476 96 88 06


City and surroundings