Build'In Mechelen

In the beginning there was nothing. Just a settlement with 5 families. Each with their own specialization / craft. Bakers, builders, artists, storytellers and farmers. There is ambition. Lots of ambition. To grow. To build. Together. A golden era beckons. All through teamwork! 1 key to success. team Build'In Mechelen … building Mechelen, building your team. Stone by stone. Trial after trial.

By successfully executing various challenges (both active and intellectual) throughout the city, the teams are building Mechelen from a simple settlement to a modern city. This is only possible if they work together smoothly and consistently. Not only does the city grow step by step, but also the challenges 'grow' along with it.

General information

Minimum number of people: 10

Maximum number of people: 1000+

Languages spoken: Dutch, French and English

Limited access for wheelchair-users  

Duration of activity 

No closing period 

Over 2 hrs

Possible: morning, afternoon and evening       


T +32 477 80 75 15




City and surroundings 
Start: Grote Markt