Bierolade – Beer and chocolate tastings

Do you like beer, but chocolate too?  Werner Callebaut is a beer sommelier and chocolate expert. His company Bierolade specializes in making successful combinations of two of the products Belgium is famous for. Werner takes you through the rich and fascinating history of our Belgian beer and chocolate culture, larding it with fascinating facts and figures and juicy beer stories - all delivered with great passion. The pralines you will sample are always handmade by a leading local chocolatier and often contain surprising combinations of unusual ingredients.

Beer and chocolate tasting will never be the same again! Highly recommended as a team-building activity or corporate event. 

General information

Min. number of persons: 10

Max. numer of persons: 100

Languages: Dutch, French & English.


No closing period

Duration of activity: between 1 - 2 hours or longer than 2 hours.

Possible: morning, afternoon and evening


T +32 494 24 84 11