Moroccan cooking classes – Zahia’s Cuisine

Zahia’s cuisine is an authentic Moroccan restaurant near St Rumbold’s Tower. We serve various fragrant and fresh tajines, delicious couscous and various other Moroccan delicacies in our restaurant. We also organise cooking classes where you can learn more about Moroccan cuisine.

During the cooking class, we will explain the basic principles of Moroccan cuisine and how to use a tajine. After the cooking class, we eat the food that we cooked together. A fun afternoon or evening! The cooking classes can also be given on location, in your home, at work…


Generla information

Minimum number of people: 8

Maximum number of people: 18

Languages spoken: Dutch & Engish.


Duration of activity: between 1 and 2 hrs

Possible: mornings, afternoons & evenings

Closing days: sunday, monday & tuesday


T +32 15 63 24 11


Steenweg 12, 2800 Mechelen.
100m van de Grote Markt.